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Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta continues to be among the most popular destinations in the world because of its special combination of excellent businesses, natural beauty, friendly people, diverse activities and the character of the town itself.

Vallarta combines original ethnic culture with today's resort amenities - reflected in an assortment of stimulating activities and convenient accommodations.

Puerto Vallarta's geographical diversity is represented in its mountains, jungles, rivers, and waterfalls.


Old Town

Viejo Vallarta means "Old Vallarta" and while it's not actually the oldest part of Puerto Vallarta, Viejo is the area that has most retained the real feel of a colonial Mexican beach town.

Cobblestone streets, old Spanish style, red tile roof buildings with colourful flowers, lots of trees, and amazingly devoid of the usual modern developments you find in any tourism destination that finds success.

In Viejo, you'll find that you are visiting and then become a part of an authentic South-of-the-border existence. Next to a store selling beautiful hand-woven fabrics is the local veterinarian supply store. Just a few doors away from a dress boutique of authentic and comfortable Mexican dresses is a local bakery turning out, by hand, dozens of different pastries for the 'locals' who live nearby or for cafes and restaurants all over the city. Tiny corner groceries are always a block away for a snack, a soda, or a cerveza (beer) to carry with you as you meander.

It's a wonderful combination of a REAL Mexican town with everything the visitor wants to enjoy as well! If you are seeking upscale shops and dining, or exciting night life, it’s all here too.

Vallarta's famed Restaurant Row is also here in Viejo, on Basilio Badillo Street -- several blocks of spectacular dining in a variety of settings from 'absolutely luxurious' to 'local rustic'. Plus, you'll find cantinas, sports bars, live music and dancing, and everything else you're looking for after the sun sets. This is also the area where many "snowbirds", "ex-pats" and otherwise long-term "Gringos" live, so you know you'll find all the conveniences you might need, from an authentic Mexican supermarket to friendly neighborhood stores ... as well as the comfort of knowing that on any corner you're likely to find a helpful friend to assist you in finding whatever you might want.


Los Muertos Beach

Los Muertos Beach is considered the most popular beach of Puerto Vallarta, located along the picturesque Bahia de Banderas, or Banderas Bay, on the Central Pacific Coast.

Until the 1960's, Los Muertos Beach was a popular place for families from Puerto Vallarta who came to enjoy Sunday picnics. It has undergone many changes since then, but continues to be a favorite. Its location on the huge Bay of Banderas makes it a great spot for outdoor recreation.

The Bay has over forty miles of coast, and its depth and calmness make it the perfect location for some of the best snorkeling, diving and fishing in the world. To the delight of visitors, Banderas Bay is full of dolphins, sea turtles and giant manta rays from December through April of each year. Gray and Humpback whales also visit the during winter months.

Other activities on or near Los Muertos Beach include swimming, water-skiing, paragliding, surfing, harbor cruises, golf, tennis, hiking, horseback riding and bird watching.

Along with spectacular scenery and outdoor activities, one reason Los Muertos Beach is so popular is its close proximity to the city of Puerto Vallarta, with its blend of traditional "Old Mexico" charm and modern amenities.


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